Collonge-Bellerive offers all the natural beauty of Geneva’s left bank: Lake Geneva, which gently laps the shore.


There are many must-see places locally, such as the Belotte marina, the Rivolle park, the Pointe à la Bise nature reserve, and the Nymphe and the La Savonnière beaches. With the city only 12 minutes away by public transport, Collonge-Bellerive has many other assets besides its breathtaking panoramas. Indeed, the Epicenter theatre brings with it all the culture the town deserves, thanks to its international-quality programming. A residential community in essence – composed of the localities of Vésenaz, La Capite, Pallanterie and Saint-Maurice – here you will taste Geneva’s sweet way of life, which is famous all over the world: all amenities (Manor centre, schools and orientation cycle), enjoying the best of town and country.

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