Crossed by the Nant d’Aisy river and bordered by Lake Geneva, Corsier nestles between Cologny and Anières, in the middle of a beautiful natural scenery of lake quays and tree-lined walks.


Its harbour and its residential atmosphere, its views of the lake, the Jura, the Voirons and the Alps, not to mention its many vineyards, its gourmet tables (the Café-Restaurant du Soleil among others) and its village charm make it a particularly sought-after town. The “terroir” atmosphere also comes from its fresh produce, grown locally and sold at the market. Squash is the flagship local product, and has its own festival in early autumn. Between harmony, simplicity, tranquillity (with just over 2,000 inhabitants) and natural gifts, Corsier “the generous” ticks all the boxes.


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