Dardagny is the Allondon, the medieval chapel of Malval, the local newspaper L’Echo du Chateau, and of course the vineyards and its beautiful estates (Centaure, Les Hutins, Les Faunes, Rothis, etc.). It is also the hamlets of Essertines, La Tuilière, Granges, and baskets of fresh vegetables.


But above all Dardagny is a Geneva municipality that is largely agricultural, where life is good. Interestingly, it was as recently as the early 1980s that Dardagny began to become a more residential municipality. 1,879 inhabitants populate this rural area today, located in the western extremity of Switzerland. Located in the village of La Plaine (home to one of the offices of the Firmenich group), the CFF railway station connects the municipality to central Geneva in just 20 minutes. L’Auberge de Dardagny or Les Granges are good choics for gourmets.

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