Crossed by the Allondon, the Nant d’Avril and the Rhône, Satigny is a village municipality in Mandement (the region also including Dardagny and Russin) which stands out as the largest in the Canton of Geneva (19 square kilometres, of which half is farmland).


Every year, Satigny hosts the Mandement Run, confirming its status as a paradise for walkers and joggers. Switzerland’s largest wine-growing municipality, with some 438 hectares of vineyards, it shares one of its three industrial hubs (725 companies) with the municipality of Meyrin (Zimeysa). A 20-minute drive from the city centre and with its own CFF station, Satigny is preparing to develop further with major real estate projects, bringing in new amenities. Impossible not to mention the Domaine de Châteauvieux, one of the most beautiful restaurants in the country, led by Chef Philippe Chevrier, and located in the hamlet of Peney-Dessus.


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