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    Précisez le type de bien, immeuble, terrain, hôtel, local commercial etc… *

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    Fluctuating by nature, the real estate market is in constant evolution. Contrary to popular belief, obtaining a sale price cannot be reduced to a simple bank value; far from it. The selling price will determine the transaction success or not, so an expert, human and reliable action is required. This step is crucial, and the final choice of your real estate agency is decisive.

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    Through our deep knowledge of the market and our valuation methods, we estimate your property at its fair value, considering local specifics and the market fluctuations. We stay by your side to analyze the specific characteristics of your property, to determine its market value carefully, advising and supporting you during your heritage appreciation.


    In just a few clicks, you can send us the basic characteristics of your property. Then, we commit ourselves to contact you within 24 hours. One of our brokers, expert in estimation, will come to your home to observe final parameters, which are essential to provide you the right appreciation. The valuation is a non-binding and free of charge process.

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