Property development

Property development is an important part of our business. Over the years, Privalia Immobilier has forged extensive experience in promotion, in Geneva and Vaud, thanks especially to the completion and marketing of several projects for apartments owned by floor (PPE) and villas. Project management is a significant element of real estate development.

Property management, or project management assistance

An essential yet not very visible profession – a mixture of negotiation, of technical issues and of management – project management is a significant element of real estate development. We offer a support and project management service for private or institutional clients. Our goal is to give you an overview of the situation as a whole, and to free you from the technical, administrative, legal, or marketing aspects, that may concern you.

Experts in the field, we coordinate the essentials of our stakeholders with the harmonious design of each project. We carefully oversee all the phases, in order to effectively protect the interests of the client.

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The best architects and construction professionals at your service

Perfectly integrated into the socio-economic fabric of Geneva, Privalia Immobilier maintains privileged links with well-known architects and engineers, as well as with established construction companies. We firmly believe that a successful new project is one that will age well, which is why the choice of professional is crucial to the ultimate success of your property development.

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Competence and adaptability, at the service of a specific and effective result

Our business skills – acquired over years of experience and completed projects – allow us to take charge of the entire process and to intervene punctually at all stages of development. Whether you wish to be present throughout the project (making all the key decisions), or stand further back from it, we are flexible in all situations.

Thanks to the family structure of our company, we are able to offer you an ethical, innovative and effective framework. Our method is based on dialogue and transparency, with a sole objective of concluding a project that suits the property market. In our eyes, your complete satisfaction and the overall positive outcome of the project are the things that matter most.

Our presence at all stages of development

Privalia Immobilier accompanies you at every stage of your project. Thanks to our versatility, we adapt to all types of buildings: apartments owned by floor (PPE) or for rental, buildings controlled by the State (ZD PPE, ZD LOC, HM, etc.), villas or cooperatives. From the acquisition of land to design, and the financing to a deposit and follow-up of the construction permit, our dedicated team takes care of the preparation and rigorous management of the budget, validation of prices and/or rents as well as marketing of the development.

As elements key to the success of a project, business analysis as well as the targeting of customers allow us to define the housing variety to build (architectural style, typologies and surfaces, choice of building materials, etc.) as well as to propose the most suitable multichannel marketing strategy. We’re here to orientate and advise you so that you can make the best decisions.

The services of Privalia Immobilier for your new project:

  • Project feasibility study
  • Market analysis (multichannel marketing strategy, project name)
  • Preliminary construction programme (pre-project)
  • Preparation of financial studies (viability, profitability)
  • Obtaining building permits from local authorities
  • Land acquisition or leasing (land tenure)
  • Legal and financial procedures
  • Loans for purchase and/or construction
  • Execution of the work (start of construction)
  • Creation of the sales brochure (texts, layout, computer graphics)
  • Creation of the project model
  • Deployment of the marketing strategy (dedicated website, portals, social networks, press)
  • Sale (or lease) of the new project in PPE (on plan, then on site visit)
  • Delivery of properties to new owners and closing of accounts