Real estate advice

Need some real estate advice? Our team of specialists can produce an expert assessment, valuation or development study for your asset. We work closely with you to analyse your property’s specific characteristics, accurately assess its market value, and then advise and assist you with maximising the value of your asset for the future.

Expert assessment

An expert assessment is a complete report based on the technical, economic, financial and legal aspects of your property. It may be required on a private basis, by the tax authorities or by your financial institution. The goal is to determine the market value of your asset, calculating it by weighting several different values: intrinsic value, capitalised income value, residual value or the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method. On a daily basis, our specialists carefully observe developments in the local real estate market, focusing specially on the latest transactions. Thanks to our technical expertise and knowledge of the field, we are able to provide you with a detailed, clearly explained and documented analysis.


A summarised version of the expert assessment, the valuation is a concise and effective method of defining your property’s market value. To do this, we analyse all of your real estate asset’s characteristics (location and environment, type of construction, surface area, type of real estate, strengths, weaknesses, level of maintenance, etc.) to gain a realistic view of its value, in line with market trends. Our experts can assist you with valuations of villas and apartments.

Development study

The purpose of the development study is to analyse your plot’s building and financial potential on the basis of its specific characteristics (surface area, location, building rights, easements, etc.), in connection with the judicial and legal aspects (construction zone, master plan, etc.). Our experts will determine the various development options and advise you on the most appropriate solutions. They can also guide you when dealing with legal, technical and tax issues. The scope of our services also allows us to represent your interests effectively in the development of your plot, through our management, marketing and leasing services.