Vladimir Sedakoff

Broker in residential and luxury rentals


tel+41 22 308 52 07

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Vladimir Sedakoff

Broker in residential and luxury rentals

Having obtained a degree in real estate, I now have more than 7 years' professional experience. On a daily basis, I am fully invested in being responsible and involved when listening to my clients. I enjoy the exchanges and dialogue of the job, and have a strong ability to work as a team, while remaining proactive. Thanks to my experiences in English-speaking countries; including a long trip to Australia, where I worked, my level of English allows me to manage business relations in an efficient manner.

« Staying in touch with the market and our customer’s expectations. »

As for real estate, it is for me an exciting field where it is possible to create strong and lasting relationship ; indeed each rental is a life story. However, it is also essential to keep up with market and regulatory developments. I see real estate as a continuous training, a field where  one most constantly improve and perform. . With Privalia Immobilier, I share the same values based on dynamism and innovation; inspiring attitudes that I admire.

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